Process Industrial Pressure Gauges B_

This is pressure gauge of the construction which introduces elastic deformation of Bourdon tube (movement) into pointer. The handling is easy, because construction is simple. It is possible to measure wide pressure range, and it is used in a wide field.



+By use of seal case, in even condition of weather can use it.
+This is the products that pressure instrumentation range is wide. In case of demanding corrosion-proof, it can respond.

*In case of selecting pressure gauge, choose the pressure range which can be used in between 30-65% of full scale, so that the gauge can give its full capacity.

*Also should be canfirmed whether the wetted parts material is suit able for the fluid or not.

*For oxygen service, appoint"USE NO OIL".

*For acetylene service appoint"USE NO OIL" with corrosion-proof.

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