High temperature/High pressure application KH31 (-X_1)

This is a pressure transmitter that uses a liquid as the
pressure transmission media charged between the pressure
receiving section and the sensor section.Displacement of the element by the charged liquid is extracted as nductance change and is converted to a signal proportional to the measured amount and transmitted to the outside.
Because it uses an indicator (mechanical), pressure confirmation at the site is easy. A pressure transmitter with pressure resistant explosion-proof construction (d2G4) is also available.(Model: KD31)



+These pressure transmitters are designed to minimize output fluctuations even if the temperature of the sensing section changes. Zero adjustment is easy if compensation is equired.
+Since it is a sealed type, and the fluid does not directly enter the element (detection diaphragm), the pressure of high viscosity liquids can also be measured.
+The charged liquid (mercury or NKS instrument oil X3) can be selected according to the application.

  *Source from www.naganokeike.com