Shinko Clutches & Brakes

Shinko Brakes and Clutches are actively contributing to a wide range of industrial fields, thanks to our state-of-the-art electronics and mechatronics technology. As the largest manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes in Japan, we have a wealth of experience in many fields, and with our top-quality motion control systems we have done much to boost the speed, precision and reliability of equipment, as well as contributing to downsizing and energy savings.

Our wide ranging product areas and large variety of models put us ahead of our competitors. We supply the most advanced models for all purposes and applications, and our customers know they can confidently rely on our products' high performance and quality. Shinko Brakes and Clutches are constantly upgrading and diversifying its technology, to develop ever better motion control systems that will perfectly satisfy our customers' requirements.



Structure Form Equipment Torque range (Nm) Features
Dry-type single-plate electromagnetic clutches/brakes Cell cab series JC

Through shaft clutch

6 - 400 * Leaf spring drive auto gap.

* 3 times longer life with no adjustment required.

* Friction plate is asbestos free.

* Performs 100% initial torque.

* Low noise with silent construction.

* Heat radiation ratio increased 60%.

* Wide range of easily attached units is available.


Butt shaft clutch




Butt shaft clutch/brake unit


Butt shaft clutch unit


Through shaft clutch/brake unit


Through shaft double clutch/brake unit


Clutch/brake unit with motor (stand type)


Arm hold clutch/brake unit

Warner series SF Through shaft clutch 1 - 1800 * Adjustment after installation is not necessary.

* Advanced response and highly accurate on/off.

* Assembly to shaft is easy.

* Heat radiation ability is excellent.

* Most suitable for frequent operation.

* Friction plate is asbestos free.

* Long life and low consumption.

* Wide variety of unit products.

SFC Butt shaft clutch
PB/PBS Brake
EP/EPS Electro pack (butt shaft clutch/brake unit)
CLC Clutch coupler (butt shaft clutch unit)
ES Electro sheave (Clutch unit with V pulley)
AR Arm brake (Arm hold brake unit)
RP Reba pack (Reciprocal rotation clutch unit)
Thin series NC-T Non-hub clutch 3 - 200 * Super thin and compact.

* High performance spring drive system.

* Zero backlash.

* Highly accurate with excellent response quality.

* Installable in any location.

* Highly reliable clover leaf spring.

NC-H Through shaft clutch
NC-C Butt shaft clutch
NB-T Non-hub brake
NB-C External hub brake
NAP Through shaft clutch/brake unit
NDP Through shaft double clutch/brake unit
For engines AO Clutch with pulley 65 - 3000 * Shock and vibration resistant and highly reliable.

* Double rotation leaf spring, easy to install.

SF Leaf spring system clutch
Micro series BO Clutch 0.17 - 30 * Ultra small and quick response.

* High heat radiation quality-suitable for frequent operation.

* Friction plate is asbestos free.

BB Brake
MP Mini pack (clutch/brake unit)
Non-excitation electromagnetic clutches/brakes Permanently closed ERS Self brake (brake) 1 - 350 * High response.

* Forced braking is easy.

* Most suitable for safety brake.

EPR Cell pack (clutch/brake unit)
Spring closed SBR Holding brake 0.5 - 53 * Ultra thin type.

* For holding and emergency stops.

SBM Damping brake 2 - 37 * Easy to attach on motor and long life.
SBS Damping brake 7 - 1500 * Compact, high torque, small self inertia .
SE Large size clutch 1250 - 16600 * For synchronization.

* Large torque capacity.

Tooth clutch TZ Ball bearing attachment clutch 20 - 50000 * Small body transmits high torque.

* Non-stop drive type.

* No drag torque.

* Connection and pause at fixed position, for synchronizing operation (single position type).

* Both wet and dry types are usable.

TO Coil static clutch
TR Coil rotation clutch
STZ Ball bearing attachment single-position clutch
SPO Coil static single-position clutch
Wet type multi plate electromagnetic clutch/brake Single unit series MCWO-S Single clutch 10 - 12800 * No friction and no adjustment required.

* Semipermanent long life.

* Stable torque characteristics-high response.

* Large work volume type strong at frequent operation.

WP Single clutch
MCWO-D Double clutch
MBWO Brake
Unit series UA Clutch/brake unit 100- 1000 * Installation is extremely easy.

* Rigid fully enclosed structure, high reliability.

UC Clutch unit
System unit CHHCM Cyclo pack (unit with cyclo speed reducer) 3 - 180 * Installation is extremely easy.

* Combined design and processing are not necessary.

NWP Unit with worm speed reducer
Torque control clutches/brakes Powder clutches/brakes POC Naturally cooled clutch 1 - 800 * Wide range, accurate proportional control.

* Stable constant torque characteristics.

* Shockless linkage and braking.

* Smooth continuous slip characteristics.

* Long life, no friction dust.

PHC Self-ventilating clutch
PMC Micro-powder clutch
POB Naturally cooled brake
PHB Self-ventilating brake
Full choice powder brake PRB-H Brake with hollow shaft side fin 12 - 200 * Combination is free for various types of usage.

* Optimum type at low cost.

* Easy installation and handling.

* Features such as proportional control and constant torque performance are similar to the former powder.

PBR-HF Brake with hollow shaft outer fin
PRB-S Shaft brake
PRB-SF Shaft brake with outer fin
PRB-HA Hollow shaft non-side fin brake
Heat pipe powder brake PTB-BL3 Heat pipe cooled brake 25 - 200 * Outstanding heat dissipation performance.
Hysteresis clutch/brake HO Clutch 0.06 - 1 * Showing super stable constant torque performance.

* Precision braking quality.

* Semi permanent long life..

HB Brake
Dry-type single plate brake TB Tension brake 10 - 380 * Smooth and wide range slip characteristics.
Hydraulic clutch HU Integrated air-cooled hydraulic unit 100 - 102400 * Piping is unnecessary, saving space.

* Heat pipe air-cooled system shows excellent cooling performance.

* Variable vane pump excellent for continuous operation.

* Highly reliable and stable clutch.

* Operation is extremely easy due to electromagnetic valve.

Hydraulic load operational brake 90 - 12800

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